PHP Senior Developer

We are looking for "Php Developer" who has the following qualifications to work in our company, which is fed by the ever-evolving nature of the globalizing world, who pushes the limits of the market and reveals its creativity and originality.

Responsibilities of this position
  • Development of web based software projects,
  • Making necessary revisions about existing web software projects,
  • The development of corporate web sites and making the necessary revisions,
  • Taking duty as php software language development specialist in web projects,
  • The development of a whole or a part of the software modules of a system in the direction of technical specifications,
  • Preparing the required documentation for the developed software modules,
  • Implementation of application tests
Requirements for applying this position
  • Confident about Php Software Language,
  • Knowledgeable about Javascript (Especially in Jquery library),
  • Any of the MVC Frameworks (Laravel, Symfony etc) and OOP experienced,
  • Preferably with SEO, Html, Css knowledge
  • Preferably in-site SEO, Url Rewrite, Valid Xhtml knowledge or can learn,
  • Knowledge of WCF, Web API, JSON and Restful Service usage and writing (preferably experienced)
  • High business awareness, responsibility is proprietary, problem solving ability, can develop software within the specified time,
  • Male candidates who are not associated with military service or who have at least 2 years of waiting time for service,
  • English-speaking at the level required by the job.
Benefits of being a part of Nette family
  • Oportunity to work for Turkey's well known and Bursa's highest quality Digital Web Agency.
  • Participation and self-improvement in Nette's national and global projects.
  • In contact with the management of prestigious and large firms
  • A relaxed and happy work environment.
  • Self-improvement and promotion opportunity.
  • Be happy with the success of the projects published by Nette.
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